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Thread: I need junk baseball GU's.

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    I need junk baseball GU's.

    Looking to pick up as much junk GU's as possible...prefer to buy a few in a lot. Let me know what you have and a price.

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    I've got two

    Khalil Greene SPx #'d out of 175
    Rafael Furcal Showcase Stiches

    Niether are in my bucket so pm me for a scan and a price

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    i have tons of GU look through my bucket and take as many as you need, if you have any autos for trade in football or baseball lmk.

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    checking both buckets, give me a second

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    The cards I mentioned aren't in my bucket

    If you want scans I can get them up in about 3 minutes

    lmk thanks

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    I've got a few, I'll have to get to get back to you on what prices go with each of them and how much I would want for them as a lot, since that is what you are looking to buy for.

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    Check my bucket and PM which one's you want. I have GU from baseball and some basketball and football, too. LMK and we'll work out a price.

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    look in my sig. let me know what you are interested in and we can go from there.

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    I have few hundred of baseball GU and auto for sale. (No minor GU or AUto)
    Do I have to list them? It is too much to list.
    I would sell them for $1.25 - $1.50 each.
    Let me know if you interest it.

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