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    bulls don't suck they just beat the lakers. jalen rose 27 points 6-7 3-point range

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    Even a blind squirrel finds an accorn once in a while.

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    it was porbly all luck

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    it could of been luck rose is a great player but compare the lakers with a few superstars vs. the bulls? probally luck

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    im sure the bulls were hyped up to play and the lakers werent its just one game and doesnt prove anything

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    Bulls have a fantastic record against the Lakers these past 3 years, something like 5-1, an even better winning % than the Kings have vs. the Lakers.

    That said, Bulls suck!

    How come they can't come out and play like this vs. every Eastern conf. team ---- they'd be in the play-offs.

    And we all know the Lakers don't care much when they play against vastly INFERIOR teams --- no hustling, no defense, no rebounding, no blocking out for rebounds.

    Wake me up when the Bulls have a WINNING record for the year.

    In the West, a winning record doesn't guarantee you a playoff spot.

    In the East, a winning record, even if it's 42-40, gets you homecourt advantage.

    Perhaps Krause should have a contract clause that pays Bulls players on a game-to-game effort.

    by the way, my broken watch is right 2x a day.

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