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    Sick Card... Best Offer Takes It

    the card is from this years topps signature series, it is numbered 9/49, not really wanting to check buckets but will if you want me too, MAKE AN OFFER FIRST THEN I'LL CHECK YOUR BUCKET

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    nice card. check my higher end.
    Wants: Autos: LeBron, Havlicek, Cousy, Wilt, Webber, Curry, Lonzo, Jordan, Ginobili, Jabbar, Judge, Jeter, Mattingly, Griffey

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    that is nasty... let me know if you see anything on my site...

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    nyfan: Thanks bro

    Quagmire: nothing thanks though

    Unc: like the Iverson trademark moves auto, Rose CHrome auto and kevin durant spx auto

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    I'd be interested, have some paypal as well......


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    No bv on the Lebron, gave up $325 bv for it last year, sells a little higher now. I would probably want another Lebron auto that actually books in a deal, and the Magic/Stockton books $120, so if that interests you let me know.


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