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    info/advice needed about grading

    I quit collecting right as graded cards were coming on the scene. I never bought one, or sent one away to get graded. Is this worthwhile? How much is it? Any other insight?

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    well graded cards CAN be a big pluss.. it all depends...take bgs grading company they are very respected because they are a very tough grading service and rarely every grade 10 or prisitine cards... if you send in cards they should be in really good condition... if cards grade below an 8.5 usually the value is fairly low in my opion but if you get one that grades at a 9.5 the value is going to go up because there probably isnt that many of them cards graded that high

    so in the end it is worthwhile if your card is in great great costs a good bit of money to get your cards graded.. but if they are worth alot to begin with and in good condition it is worth it...if you want more info go to becketts web page they have the bgs grading service... you can look into it their

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    find a card that looks good to you and would increase in value if graded. normally if it doesnt book higher than nr/mt it wont increase, also, if it is a basic card it wont increase much. if your gonna do it, pick a rookie card or something along that lines to get graded.

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