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    05-06 Topps Finest cards and Rookie auto's

    These are a bunch of refractors and rookies with some rookie auto's.

    Adam Morrison Rookie Gold X-Fractor 13/39
    JJ Redick Rookie Base 343/379

    Danny Granger Rookie Auto Red Refractor 137/199...SOLD
    Raymond Felton Rookie Auto Normal 151/349
    Charlie Villanueva Rookie Auto Normal 96/349
    Franciso Garcie Rookie Auto X-Fractor 71/169

    Dirk Nowitzki Gold Refractor 10/39
    Chris Bosh Black Refractor 13/19

    Brandon Roy Rookie Green X-Fractor 40/79

    Chris Paul Rookie Base 520/599...SOLD

    I know thats a lot ha, but let me know through pm or reply if you are interested in anything! Thanks!
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