Hello all
I have these high end cards available towards very specific needs. I also may take Pay-Pal offers on some so I can acquire things from the list.
PLMK what you like and what you have from my trade list. Please have something from my trade list or something you think would catch my eye.

Heres the list

Walter Payton certified pack pulled auto
Cobb auto. Selling stuff and saving for this
Nap Lajoie GU
Tris Speaker non Sterling GU
Johnny Evers GU
Mathewson GU
Nice Pujols RC
Sidney Crosby auto
Jimmie Foxx GU glove
Honus Wagner GU
Ruth GU
Cobb GU
#ED to 5

Jordan/James dual patch $250.00 BV

SPed to 43 with no BV

#ED 1/5

True 1/1

SPed to 25.VVHTG and would need another Ruth in return. SPed to 25

#ED to 25

VVHTD. One of the hardest patches to get from the best patch sets of all time

SPed to 8

SPed to 10

Bowman Originals 02 Chrome buyback auto #ED to 23. Last one sold for $113.00

These are also PC but a bit easier to get

GU Patch #ED to 5

#ED 7/7

#ED to 10

#ED 4/21

#ED 1/1


#ED 4/21

#ED 1/5

#ED 8/21

#ED 1/1