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Thread: A Thunder Bolt!

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    A Thunder Bolt!

    This is the newest card in my Jamie McMurray collection:

    Thanks for looking and for letting me share this with you all!


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    I love the thunderbolt cards-wish theyd come back-very nice!

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    That is awesome. Have yet to add one of those cards to my pc.

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    Congrats! I only have two lugnuts in the Jr PC and one is in a Triple Burner. I really like them but they sure seem hard to come by. Thanks for sharing.

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    Sweet lookin addition to your PC Darin!! I agree, I really liked the lugnut cards and wish they`d bring em back! Congrats, & Thanks for sharin it with us!


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    Thanks everyone so far for looking and for the comments!

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    Yepper really Nice Cards what evr happened to the Lugnuts?
    I Collect Cleveland Browns/Nascar( Austin DIllon).

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