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Thread: My pack pulls

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    My pack pulls

    So last weekend I was out of town. There aren't any card shops around where I live so when I found out there was a card shop in the place I was visited I jumped to it.
    So the guy was selling 2009 Draft Edition packs for 7.50 each. I wasn't really planning on getting one until he told me there were 5 autos in each box and there were only 5 packs left and 3 autos left. So the odds were with me and I decided to buy one.
    I pulled a Ryan Purvis 2009 Draft Edition AUTO plus a Cameron Maybin 215/350 card. (not an auto)
    Think these were decent pulls from one pack?


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    price sounds high per pack, but pretty good for 1 pack. why not buy all five?

    Im surprised the owner told you that he knew there were hits left.

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    Price per pack is very high
    but not bad pulling an auto
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    Alright, thats what I figured. Stilll ok to get the auto.

    The owner was anice, he wanted anyone that bought a pack to open it so he could tell his next customers if there were autos left.

    I was going to buy more but instead I mixed up the variety and chose some bball, baseball packs.


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    Buying Quincy Carter GUs and Autos

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