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    Found some awesome cards today!

    As I was looking through my closet I found a binder of cards that I had forgotten about! It was loaded with valuable cards, and I am very happy about it.

    LeBron James Bowman RC.

    05 Skybox Ben Wallace Jersey.

    Richard Hamilton Dual SPX Jersey.

    04 Donruss Babe Ruth /1000.

    05 Topps Ryan Zimmerman RC /2500.

    05 Donruss Elite Wladimir Balentin Auto /1500.

    04 PressPass Jermaine Green Auto.

    Kobe Bryant Bowman Chrome


    03 Chris Bosh
    03 Carmelo Nathony
    05 Danny Granger

    And a ton more.

    Pretty good for one day, eh?

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    Nice find...wish I had finds like that, although I wouldn't forget about a binder of

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