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Thread: And completely lost

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    And completely lost

    after that incredible finish ( and thank God no one was seriously hurt...or worse).......

    Is the fact that once again NASCAR has blatantly proven that they still can't enforce the yellow line rule fairly and evenly for all teams.


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    just me...i dont think the yellow line had anything to do with the finish-kyles blocking did-the only yellow line stuff was hamlins move earlier in the race and the guys going below to miss the finish line wreck-i didnt see the yellow line stuff come into play here-not like a dega-JMO.

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    oh okay-that makes more sense then i guess-I thought he should of been penalized for that-but it wasnt a huge deal-its all a judgement call-they can say whatever they want and decide whatever they want-its always been that way so i just live with it ha.

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