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Thread: Anthony Morrow Mail Day

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    Anthony Morrow Mail Day


    My first card of anthony morrow, also looking for his etopps rc, wil trade in your favor, post or pm if you want to trade.

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    Anthony Morrow RC Count

    Lineage - 1
    Etopps - 0
    Ultimate - 0
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    sweet Morrow RC! He definately deserves to have some more cards made! He sure is a very underrated player! Congrats on your PC pickup!!

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    jammin- thanks, if you have some morrows, im interested
    reggie- yeah im kind of upset, i wanted a autograph rc of him
    football- thanks , if you have some morrows, im interested
    zepelin,- yeah i hope he gets more minutes in upcoming season and score more points

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    I don't think I've ever picked up a Morrow card before, but if I get any, I'll try to remember and keep you in mind!

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    WOW. You could actually be a SUPERCOLLECTOR. You literally have ALL of his cards avail from his card database. Anthony Marrow has '1' card out there..PERIOD. I don't think I've ever seen a player only have a small handful let alone '1' card produced.

    SWEET though that you have it. Hopefully they get on the ball and produce some MORE. Shouldn't be too hard next year w/only '1' card company makin

    Sweet P-UP though...


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