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Thread: Oh how the mighty have fallen

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    Oh how the mighty have fallen

    Well, maybe not that mighty.

    Three's Company Star Arrested On Suspicion of DUI

    Former Three's Company star Joyce DeWitt is facing DUI charges.

    The 60-year old sitcom actress was arrested Saturday, July 4th at 4:19 p.m. after DeWitt drove around a barricade at Pine Avenue and Sierra Street near the city's annual fireworks show, El Segundo police Sgt. Dan Kim said.

    Witnesses said DeWitt pulled up in a black sports car, parked, and staggered toward a police officer standing in uniform next to his motorcycle.
    I just found this a tiny bit interesting, but this is destined to make the celebrity mugshot hall of fame:

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    Hahahahaha....that is one of the funniest mug shots I have ever seen

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    She was hot at one point in time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oxxon View Post
    She was hot at one point in time.
    If you had drank as much alcohol as she would still think she was hot...!!!

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    Come and knock on our door....we've been waiting for you :)

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