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Thread: WTTF: Brian Lee

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    WTTF: Brian Lee

    I need all of your Brian Lee's. Here is a list of all the cards I need. Send me a PM if you have any and what you are looking for
    Brian Lee:

    Upper Deck RC

    Artifacts RC /100, /75, /50, /25, /10, /5
    SPGU RC /25, 1 of 1
    BAP /99, /10
    Champs Mini
    Choice Reserve Silver
    Ice Premiers /999
    MVP Gold Script /100, Super Script /25
    OPC Metal, Metal X
    OPC Retro Rainbow /100, Blank Back
    Black Diamond /25,/10, 1of1
    Ultimate Rookies
    Victory Black
    Young Gums High Gloss /10

    08-09 Upper Deck Jerseys,Patches and Autos
    UD2 Rookie Playmakers JSY
    Ultmate Signatures
    SIGnificant Numbers AU JSY /55
    SIGnificant Swatches JSY AU /50
    SIGnificant Swatches Patch AU /10
    Black Letterman /15, 1of1
    SPx Auto Patch /25
    Ice Premeirs Auto Patch /10
    Fresh Threads /100, /25
    Fresh Threads Patches /25, /10
    OPC Signatures
    BAP Signatures /15

    08-09 ITG Jersey, Patches and Autos
    H&P AU
    H&P Complete Jersey
    H&P Game Used Jersey
    H&P Game Used Emblem
    H&P Game Used Number
    H&P Game Used Jersey & Auto
    H&P Game Used Emblem & Auto
    H&P Game Used Number & Auto
    H&P Made to Order

    07-08 ITG Jerseys, and Autos
    Superlative Jersey Auto /50, Gold /10

  2. SCC End 2017
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    I have an Artifacts Silver 031/100. Could use the Ultra Stone RC and the follwoing Gold Medallions 115 Lombardi, 174 Dumont, 191 Boyes.


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    Could you use another E and the L for the Lettermen Black /399. PM me, Imight be ble to get you them.

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    Thanks, I'll post the trade.

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