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    2007 SP Authentic Baseball 9 Complete Base and 2 insert sets FS

    I busted a case of this a while back and finally finished getting rid of all the autos/redemptions and what not. Now its on to the inserts and base. I have 9 complete base sets as well as 2-3 Authentic Power insert sets and 2-3 Authentic Speed Insert Sets (both bv40).

    Base Set (all 100 cards): $5 (.05 cents a card)
    Insert Set: (40 cards) $7 (.17 a card)

    PLMK if you are interested. Thanks

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    I need 2 cards to complete my set, numbers 21 and 86. If shipping is reasonable I will buy those 2.....

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    there yours for free. post it up and i'll send out monday

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    Thanks, I posted it up right now. BTW good luck with that Sweet Spot set, I hope you can track down those last two. I will keep an eye out.

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