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Thread: 2 boxes 2009 Allen & Ginter

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    2 boxes 2009 Allen & Ginter

    what an awesome set, easily the best of the year. the artwork is excellent and the new semi-borders enhance the cards over previous unbordered sets of A&G. for now just posting the better minis i pulled and the hits (unfortunately no RIP). the black border minis are just awesome:

    not a great break hit-wise, but these cards are awesome. i'll be busting more soon.

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    hahah billy the marlin thats nice.... if theres a fredbird one im gonna get it.

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    I love the osterman pm me if trading/selling

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    i could use the corey patterson gu or any ryan zimmerman you pulled thanks mike

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    Nice break. If its FT, I can use the cabrera gu

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    Not the Best Break

    any Blue Jays Players For Trade minis and Base


    trade site

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    thanks for the replies. not sure what i'm doing yet. i know i'm collecting the base set and inserts. also contemplating on the regular minis and black border. A&G back and the jersey/bat/autos are FT.

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    I am really tempted to bust a few boxes of this and work on the base and regular mini set. They look great.

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