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    Card Shop Pulls...Anyone know Logan Forsythe?

    So, I took a ride down to Bainbridge (about a 45-50 minute drive from here) in Ohio and went to a shop...They had a ton of packs and the owner let me pick the packs, so I was trying for hits, the ones I picked on purpose for hits didn't go so well...But the ones I just randomly picked worked! These are football and baseball, but the big pull was baseball...Spent $140 on wax and got these in packs...-Joey

    1-2009 SAGE Autographs Juaquin Iglesias Gold Auto /200-BV-20
    2-2009 Press Pass Ramses Barden Auto
    3-2007 HIT Garrett Wolfe Auto
    4-2008 Threads Davone Bess RC Auto /999
    5-2008 Gridiron Gear Brian Brohm GU /250

    THE BIG ONE...1 Jumbo Bowman 09 Baseball Pack..

    2009 Bowman Chrome Orange Refractor 1st Card Logan Forsythe Autograph #'d 19/25 (Last sale over $71 on ebay...)...Anyone know anything about this kid? Should I keep it or sell it for around $70-80...

    Also, these in the $5 Bin...

    05 Signature Series Raul Ibanez Auto
    04 SPx Jeff Keppinger Quad GU Auto /799 RC

    Thanks for looking!

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    wow raul ibanez has fallen from grace.... to the $5.00 thats probably a great steal though...
    anyway, congrats on the pulls. i havent heard of forsythe, but i'd say hang on to him and do some research before a trip to the bay....

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    Lol, yeah I thought the Ibanez was a nice card for $5...He probably had it in there for years (Since 05, LOL) since the rest was older junk GU/Autos and IP Autos...Same with Keppinger before he started playing...Yeah, I want to hear more about this Forsythe before moving it...Thanks for the reply! -Joey

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