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Thread: What do you collect?

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    What do you collect?

    What are/is the goal(s) of your collection? Mine is to collect one autographed card from every baseball HOF, every superstar and every star to ever play the game (i know a very lofty goal, but I have a very good start on these! :)

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    Wel my goals are: 1. Collect as many different White Sox cards as I can 2.Keep collecting Nellie Fox as a player and 3. Adding to my 1955 Bowman set as and when I can afford.
    Other than that I have an interest in 2004 Bowman Heritage as a set.

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    I collect anything from the Red Sox. Including GU, Auto, parallel, inserts, base, and whatever cards I can get my hands on.
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    I collect Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, Bruins and UNH Hockey and Football Players (Base/Inserts/GU/AU)
    My PC NFT is exactly that, Not For Trade! It is for show only. So, please don't ask!
    I unfortunately can no longer afford to trade outside of the US. Even Canada rates are way too high!

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    I only collect autographs and game used cards of the Rockies. All the way from prospects to past stars.

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    well i like autographs and game used. But I LOVE autographs and game used of my Marshall Football Alum. So I would be a team collector first. Its so much fun getting 2 new guys a year. Saddly we haven't had many high dollar guys, but that gives me time to collect Randy Moss and Chad's since I got a late start and they seem to have cards in every set made!

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    I am a team collector, focusing on Red Sox.

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    I am primarily a player and set collector. I also collect the OKC Thunder basketball team. Since player and team collections incorporate lots of the cards on this list, I included many in my poll response.

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    I collect a few different players, as well as the Timberwolves, so I chose 10 of the 15 choices.

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    I'm a set collector of Topps baseball mostly, although I do have quite a bit of Fleer, Score and Donruss base brand baseball.

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