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    Trade Help!

    Alright, as some of you know, I'm a Francis collector. I found an ex-Francis collector, and let me know if this is a good deal.

    Steve Francis Significants Auto /100
    Steve Francis Two Color Black Diamond Jersey /250
    Steve Francis Ultimate Two Color Jersey 50/100
    Steve Francis Awesome Authentic Two Color Jersey /250
    Steve Francis Printing Plates (Two in total)


    25 Bucks and a Bill Russel GU.

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    i think it's a good deal especially being a steve francis collector.....i think the two printing plates are already worth the 25 bucks and the rest of the cards definitely covers the russell gu

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    i say it would be a great deal for you, you collect steve, and will get a good number of cards, an auto, three jersey cards, and two printing plates 1/1's...i say yes good trade

    and just like italy said, alone with the printing plates, you're covered for the money, and the rest surpass the bill russell


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    If he is someone you collect and you feel good about it then I would say go for it. I have probably over paid for some of the cards in my different PC player collections, but I only do so if its something I really want and feel is tough to find. You just need to do what makes you happy, and that deal sounds like a good one to take! Good luck on your collection!

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    If you are a Francis collector then thats an AWESOME deal for you... you're getting 6 PC cards, with an auto AND two 1/1 plates... i wouldnt even give it a 2nd guess.

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    Dew It!!!!!
    Collecting All Current Oakland raiders Primarily Carr, Mack, Cooper, Crabtree, Also any Legend or HOF raider players as well.
    Just getting back into the Hobby so not much tradebait right now, PC has become available if anyone is interested.
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    Please NOTE: Photobucket is not updated, Only PC cards are accurate anything else has been traded or sold thanks

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