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    Sports Card Shows

    I live in the Milwaukee/Chicago area, and I was wondering if someone has a schedule of sports card shows that will be in the area. The only show I have ever attended was nationals last year. I'd really like to get out to more. Does anybody know of any, or where I can find this info?

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    Ya what is your email? I will email you show schedules for Illinois and Wisconsin....

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    There's a pretty big show in Rosemont, same place the National was at next weekend. Just google Fansedge show or go to

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrgrosskopf View Post
    Brandt504- could you email me that list as well?

    of illinois and wisconsin?

    what is your email?

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    GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS ...1975...2015...2017...NBA CHAMPIONS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandt504 View Post
    of illinois and wisconsin?

    what is your email?

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