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    Live Break!!! 08/09 Ultimate Collection

    I picked up one box from my lcs on my lunch break. I will breakin live at 11pm tonight eastern when I get off of work. wish me luck!!! see ya then

    base cards-

    and the auto-

    thanks for lookin and lmk what you think
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    I'll be here to watch! I didn't know that they came out with 08-09 ultimate? i thought the last one's UD had out was 07-08 hmm

    i just busted a box of 07-08 and got some nice hits, and a kobe redemption which was depleted haha WOW...if you want check it out in the pack/break section...


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    Good Luck!!
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    Good luck! Get yourself some nice Duke alum!

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    if you pull any of the Jarrett Jack auto cards, please let me know!!!!! good luck!!!!!

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    Let me know if my man Chris Douglas-Roberts shows up ... :-) Good luck!

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    Oh, and if you pull a cp3 or courtney lee, please lmk! gracias!

    goodluck, ill be watching


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