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    Another session w/ 08-09 Ultimate Collection!

    Going to the LCS during lunch break.. Wish me luck all!

    Probably going to get another 2-3 boxes depending on how I feel!

    *MoJo* please!

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    Good luck!
    Always looking for Base, Inserts, RC, GU, Autos:
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    Box 1:
    Dee Brown
    Rudy Gay
    Devon Harris

    Hit: ** chicago bulls!!! ** then i read more and saw chris douglas arthur i was like wth!!!
    Ultimate Foursomes: Derrick Rose, Darrell Arthur, Mario Chalmers, Chris Douglas-Roberts

    Box 2:
    Greg Oden
    Tracy Mcgrady
    Chris Douglas-Roberts RC

    Ultimate Rookies: Brooke Lopez /150

    Box 3:
    Paul Millsap
    Darnell Jackson
    Steve Nash

    Ultimate Foursomes: Steve Kerr, Dan Majarle, Ray Allen, Donyell Marshall?? (what the heck was UD thinking? Donyell Marshall really?)

    I'm done buying.. UD Ultimate!

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    Dang not great, But the bulls quad sounds sweet.

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    yikes, Donyell Marshall in a highend product?? cant win em all though
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    Not bad, you did nice on the rookie quad.

    But yea.... not worth the $$$.

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    you guys shoulda seen me.. when I opened the package and saw the Chicago bulls logo I almost passed out.. lols darn it!

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    Nice pull on the Rose quad, but the rest was kind of "eh"...good luck on your next break, though!

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    The Rose foursome was nice! Sorry bout the rest. UD really sucked this one up

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