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Thread: Mail from R&B21 in

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    Mail from R&B21 in

    Got these two in from the world's largest card store over in J-world...the first one was about $22, as opposed to the $36 that Burbank wanted for it. When you charge over 50% more than R&B21, that really says something about you.

    1999-00 E-X Essential Credentials Future Avery Johnson (/53)

    2008-09 SP Rookie Threads Triple Randolph/Lopez/Speights (/15)

    Aaaaaaaand got this'n in too. I'm convinced that three of the UD Black cards that Upper Deck claims Speights to have do not actually exist, so that brings me up to 13 of his 18 cards from that product.

    2008-09 UD Black Signed Patch Piece Dual Gold Thompson/Speights (/5)
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    Sweet Cards!! the UD Black card is AWESOME!
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    Sweet cards, congrats
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    Very nice UD Black...Speights is going to be real nice.

    PS...I agree Burbank is way overly is RB21 in reality, haha.

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    Sweet cards. =)

    It is interesting price of Burbank Cardshop is even more expensive than price of RnB Shop.
    (As I know, Price of RnB shop is sometimes expensive though.)

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