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Thread: Random Sports Trivia #10

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    Random Sports Trivia #10

    For 60 credits,

    Who was the first goalie in the NHL to wear a mask in a game?

    only 1 answer per member.


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    Sorry gio, you got the official answer with your second guess. Just-for-Cards takes it with Jacques.


    60 on the way.


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    January 7, 1930, Montreal Canadien great Howie Morenz rings a shot off Clint Benedict's nose and cheekbone, the goalie for cross-town rival Montreal Maroons. This shot would cause Benedict to don a makeshift facemask based on either a football face guard or one worn by that of sparring boxers. Benedict found that the large protective nose piece impaired his vision, so after two games, he gave it up.

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    Ok Gio, I'll award you 60 too for the effort.


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