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    Upadted Bucket With Over 100 New Cards

    Just got back form a 2 week vacation and have spent 2 days updating my bucket. Always looking for SF Giants- Cain, Lincecum, Posey, Bumgarner, Alderson etc. along with anything else that looks good!

  2. Kronozio
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    Do you need a 09 SPX Winning Materials Dual Jersey Lincecum/Dice K?

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    kraft- I need it

    reds- I am not sure anything matches up, I like the Posey tristar of course.

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    I'm not sure on the BV but would the Nathan Sweet Spot work for it? LMK, Thanks.


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    like the vlad auto, hamilton auto, upton auto patch, see anything, ont have anything new though lol

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    kraft- I don't trade autos for g/u unless they're incredibly awesome patches

    Thunda- Glad to see you back on the trading market, Still have the Mays? I like the Marino too.

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    thunda- I understand. I can do the Vlad and Upton for the Mays, the Vlad books 80, looking for 80 on the Upton, or lmk if there is anything else you need and I'll make an offer on the Marino.

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