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Thread: New Ultimate and SPA Pulls FT

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    New Ultimate and SPA Pulls FT

    All FT, also have A Blake Wheeler Ultimate Sigs Redemption FT. Looking for Wants below or Bruins.

  2. Kronozio
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    I can use the Wheeler Ultimate Signatures

    I have these Bruins ... LMK

    - Also the gold medaillon rookie


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    nice break. i think a had a box of spa the had a turco and stephan also

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    PM me, I still have those Neely cards you wanted, Thanks

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    Like the Foligno Masterpiece Auto. Only thing from Thomas I have is a SPGU Dual of him and e Cole. May have a couple vintage OPC of O'Rielly
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    i have a g/u board card of neely
    i need the nielsen futrewatch auto

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    I can use the Wings stuff. My Buckett has all the Boston stuff tagged

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