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    2008 Tristar Projections Case Break

    Live on Ustream:

    Will update as I can

    Box # 1:

    David Price and Casey Weathers GR8 College Teammates Dual Auto 3/25 :flex::flex:
    Cody Johnson Orange Reflections Auto 3/5
    Sean Rodriguez Yellow Reflections 17/25
    Jairo Heredia Yellow Auto 6/25
    Chris Carter Auto
    Wes Hodges Green 44/50
    Chuck Lofgren Green 27/50
    Ekio De La Rosa Green Refrlectives 23/50

    Box # 2:
    Wes Roemer and Daniel Moskos GR8 Starting Pitchers Dual Auto 47/50
    Drew Stubbs Yellow Auto 7/25
    Adam Mills Green Reflectives Auto 11/50
    Jairo Heredia Auto
    Drake Britton Green 35/50
    Kyle Burke Green 46/50
    Rhyme Hughes Green Reflective 43/50
    Jacob Wild Green Reflective 38/50

    Box # 3...This box was smoking hot!
    Jairo Heredia Purple Parallel 1/1 - my 1st Tristar Purple!
    Chris Coghlan Black Printing Plate 1/1 (same pack, stuck together)
    Corey Brown and German Duran GR8 Sluggers Dual Auto 17/25
    Prilys Cuello Orange Reflective Auto 5/5
    Matt Mangini Green Auto 39/50
    Michael Brantly Red Auto
    Andrew Bailey Yellow 14/25
    Julio Teheran Green 36/50
    Josh Vitters Green Reflections 1/50
    Prilys Cuello 42/50

    Box # 4
    Matt Mangini Auto
    Mitch Canham Yellow Reflective 9/25
    Zhenwang Zhang Green Auto 35/50
    Clayton Mortensen Green Reflective Auto 8/50
    Joshua Donaldson Green 50/50
    Caleb Gindl Green Reflective 22/50
    Glenn Gibson Green 44/50

    Box # 5:
    Brian Rike Orange Auto 4/5
    Angel Villalona Green Reflectives Auto 49/50
    Eddie Kunz Red Auto
    Barry Enright Green Auto 34/50
    Jared Goedert Yellow Reflective 20/25
    Scott Carroll Green 10/50
    Corey Riordan Yellow 11/25
    Michael McCormick Green Reflective 40/50

    Box # 6
    Cole Rohrbough, Jordan Zimmerman and Casey Weathers GR8 Hurlers Triple Auto 17/25
    Billy Bell Green Reflections Auto 50/50
    Tommy Manzella Red Auto
    Cole Rohrbough Green Auto 33/50
    Bruce Billings Green 43/50
    Kitaniel Arias Green 43/50
    Kelvin Pichardo Green Reflective 06/50
    Gleen Gibson Green Reflective 1/50

    Box # 7
    Brian Rike and Tyler Colvin GR8 Outfielders Dual Auto 16/25
    Josue Calzado Green Reflective 11/50
    Danny Payne Green Auto 46/50
    Barry Enright Red Reflective
    Bradley Chalk Orange Parallel 2/5
    Fernando Salas Yellow 12/25
    Neil Ramirez Green Reflective 40/50
    Eric Hurley Green Reflective 46/50

    Box # 8
    Gerardo Parra Orange Reflective 4/5
    Zolio Almonte Green Auto 27/50
    John Wittleman Green Auto 21/50
    Brent Brewer Red Auto
    Carlos Urena Green Reflective Auto 27/50
    Drew Miller Yellow 5/25
    Argenis Diaz Green 28/50
    Angel Villalona Green Reflective 6/50

    Box # 9
    John Mayberry Jr and Blake Beaven GR8 Texas Prospects Dual Auto 2/25
    Tommy Hunter Yellow Auto 12/25
    Jonathan Bachanov Green Auto 5/50
    Jeremy Haynes Red Auto
    Martin Perez Orange Parallel 4/5
    Jonathan Galvez Yellow Parallel 18/25
    Matt Mangini Green Reflective 9/50
    Nick Adenhart Green Reflective 14/50

    Box 10
    Eddie Kunz and Neil Ramirez GR8 Young Arms Dual Auto 22/25
    Jonathan Bachanov Red Auto
    Chris Carter Green Auto 16/50
    Carlos Carrasco Green Reflective Auto 39/50
    Joshua Smoker Green Reflective 15/50
    Rafeal Dolis Green Reflective 1/50
    Shelby Ford Green 50/50
    Kelvin Pichardo Green 44/50

    Box 11
    Chuck Lofgren Orange Reflective 5/5
    Steve Tolleson and Eric Young GR8 2nd Sackers Sn 23/25
    Clayton Kershaw Green Auto 26/50
    Cole Rohrbough Red Auto
    Julio Borbon Green Reflective Auto 44/50
    Brett Sinkbeil 38/50
    Jared Goedert Green 04/50
    Adam Ottavino Green Reflective 41/50

    Box 12
    Janathan Bachanov, Barry Enright, and Eddie Kunz GR8 Pitchers SN 25/25
    Hector Gomez Green Reflective Auto 17/50
    Jose Gil Green Auto 26/50
    Francisco Castillo Red Auto
    Chris Davis Orange Parallel 1/5
    Colton Willems Green 3/50
    James Heuser Green Reflective 49/50
    Danny Duffy Green Reflective 49/50
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    Quote Originally Posted by spuds1961 View Post
    Great first box keep em coming
    Per your request...Box 3 Rocked the house!

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    Recap for first 12 boxes are up...I'm in total awe right now with the duals and triple all the oranges! Will get scans done in the morning..but I need my beauty sleep..although I'll be the first to admit, I'll need more than 5 hours of it :)

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    Nice Case!! Some awesome pulls!!
    Click banner for tradelist
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    Dan LeFevour PC 192/283

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    You did great nice break for a relatively inexpensive product,Congrats.

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    Box 13:
    Almonte, Calzado, Pirela, Urena NY's GR8 Outfielders Quad Auto 46/50
    Kellen Kulbacki Green Auto 24/50
    Nick Hagadone Red Auto
    Tyler Weeden Green Auto 31/50
    Aaron McKae Yellow 23/25
    Cristian Santana 4/25
    Tony Granadillo Green 38/50
    Eddie Kunz Green Reflective 46/50

    Box 14
    Chris Perez and Peter Kozma St Louis GR8S Dual Auto 46/50
    Jake Simmons Yellow Auto 19/25
    Neil Ramirez Red Auto
    Jackson Williams Green Reflective Auto 16/50
    Zach MCAllister Yellow 21/25
    Julio Burbon Green 9/50
    Nick Hagadone Yellow Reflective 8/25
    Tyler Weeden Green Reflective 3/50

    Box 15
    Matt Antonelli and Will Inman San Diego's GR8 Prospects Dual Auto 34/50
    Larry Suarez Cyan Printing Plate 1/1
    Mike Moustakes Green Reflective Auto 38/50
    Jordan Schafer Yellow Auto 5/25
    Wes Roemer Red Auto
    Adam Olbrychowski Yellow Reflective 9/25
    Abraham Almonte Green Reflective 44/50
    Zolio Almonte Yellow 22/25
    John Whittleman Green 2/50

    Box 16
    Andrew Brackman and Adam Olbrychowski NY's GR8 Hurlers SN 43/50
    Zachard Kroencke Green Reflective Auto 3/50
    Peter Kozme Green Reflective Auto 16/50
    Blake Beavan Green Reflective Auto 49/50
    Albert Lobay Red Auto
    Shane Keough Green 34/50
    Hitaniel Arias Yellow Reflective 13/25
    John Whittleman Green Reflective 26/50

    Box 17
    Michael Brantley Green Reflective Auto 11/50
    Neil Ramirez Green Reflective Auto 13/50
    German Duran Green Auto 11/50
    Carlos Urena Red Auto
    James Simmons Yellow 17/25
    Drew Stubbs Yellow 21/25
    Charlie Culberson Yellow Reflective 11/25
    Wei Wang Yellow Reflective 6/25

    Box 18
    John Mayberry Jr and Eric Young Jr GR8 Offspring Dual Auto 6/25
    Carlos Triunfel Yellow Reflection Auto 14/25
    Steven White Green Auto 35/50
    Zhenwang Zhang Red Auto
    Danny Payne Green Reflection 22/25
    Matt West Green 26/50
    Ryan Dent Yellow3 2/25

    Box 19
    Tommy Manzella and Charlie Culberson GR8 Shortstops Dual Auto 4/5!
    Dustin Richardson Green Reflective Auto 35/50
    Wes Hodges Red Auto
    Nicholas Carr Green Auto 32/50
    Fernando Salas Orange 5/5
    Tommy Manzella Yellow Reflective 19/25
    Gorkys Hernandez Yellow Reflective 12/25
    Brett Anderson Green 14/50

    Box 20
    Chris Withrow and Clayton Kershaw LA GR8 Aces Dual Auto 3/25
    Wes Hodges Green Reflective Auto 11/50
    Stephen Chapman Red Auto
    Wes Roemer Green Auto 45/50
    Brett Sinkbell Green 43/50
    Argenis Diaz Green 27/50
    Brian Rike Yellow Reflective 16/25
    Juan Ramirez Green Reflective 42/50

    Box 21
    Abraham Almonte and Prilys Cuello NY's GR8 2nd Sackers Dual Auto 9/50
    Michael Watt Orange Auto 5/5Tommy Manzella Green Auto 10/50
    Jeremy Haynes Red Auto
    Steve Evarts Yellow 25/25
    Cole Rohrbough Green 36/50
    Carlos Triuntel Green Reflective 36/50
    Wade Davis Green Reflective 39/50

    Box 22
    Madison Bumgarner, Charlie Culberson and Wendell Fairley GR8 SF Prospects Triple Auto 4/50
    Albert Laboy Yellow Auto 3/25
    Kellen Kulbacki Red Auto
    Josh Bell Green Reflective Auto 37/50
    Justin Masterson Green 35/50
    Jared Goedert Green 2/50
    Steve Evarts Green Reflective 33/50
    Zach Braddock Yellow Reflective 14/25

    Box 23
    Brent Brewer Yellow Auto 3/25
    Zach McAllister Green Auto 46/50
    Francisco Castillo Red Auto
    Andrew Romine Green Reflective Auto 29/50
    Zach Braddock Green 4/50
    Richie Robnett Green 15/50
    Wes Roemer Green Reflective 46/50
    William Middlebrooks Yellow Reflective 10/25

    Box 24
    Jose Gil and Zhenwang Zhang NY's GR8 Backstops Dual Auto 1/1!!!
    Soshua Donaldson Green Auto 22/50
    Michael Brantley Red Auto
    Jeremy Haynes Green Auto 20/50
    Josh Vitters Green 16.50
    Francisco Felix Green Reflective 47/50
    Jeremy Haynes Green 46/50
    Andrew Bailey Green Reflective 49/50
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