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Thread: FREE CARDS!!!!

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    FREE CARDS!!!!

    I am giving away free base cards and inserts! Just lmk what player you need and all you have to do is send me a SASE. Or if you prefer we can trade. I will take ANY base of Travis Henry, Drew Bledsoe, and Eric Moulds. LMK

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    any peyton manning, edgerin james, or if u do baseketball kobe, t-mac, or the white jason email is ....plmk -Ben

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    email sent

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    all t-macs, antoine walkers, Amos Zereoue, Jerry Porter, Marc Bulger, OR NE PLAYER FROM WVU... and taking Chad Penningtons... LMK email

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    Yep give me an email!

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    Hey you got any Jerry Rices? I would love to add to my collection Thanks!

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    Yes I have many Jerry Rice. Please email me and I will lyk what to do!

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    Do you have any Jeff Garcia, Kevan Barlow, Paul Smith or Andre Carter of the 49ers ? Give me your address and I'll send you a SASE. Thanks.

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    Got any Cade McNown, Deshaun Foster, or other UCLA players? Let me know if you do.

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