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Thread: Looking to Trade!!!

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    Looking to Trade!!!

    I'm looking to trade a 2008 SPX Triple Scripts Lebron/Carmelo/David West #10/25 and a 2003 SP Authentic Kobe/Garnett Dual Auto SP #/50.I

    I am open to any offers but am looking to trade both for high end Lebron,Jordan,or Derrick Rose

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    Well, I could offer a few high end autos for the Kobe/KG, but that's only if you'd trade down. If so, pcmb and maybe some of my PC could be used too.


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    are you only looking to trade or would you do a cash/trade deal ??

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    what did you have in mind ??? any specific card your looking for ?? cmb let me know , I have lebron an jordan plates 1/1 and 1/50 1/25 = 1/1 dual relic and gear cards incoming should be here any day , would lbj exquisite base card or jordan graded cards intreste let me know , thanks craig

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    hey cmb for the kobe/garnett dual please


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    I also have a kevin garnett / chris bosh dual auto patch 1/10 incoming , I should have these cards any day now , do you have any ufc round 1 product or know any 1 thats wants trade theres let me know thanks craig

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    checked your bucket aoomin you have some cards that intrest me are you looking to deal

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