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    Talking 08 Threads - 3 packs, 2 AUTOS :D

    I normally don't buy baseball, but a guy came into my LCS and bought 6 packs of 08 threads and didn't pull anything, so i grabbed a few packs and needless to say i came out on top....3 packs with two autos

    Here are the hits:

    pretty cool auto and it's #ed to 100......really don't know what it's worth

    #ed /975 probably a garbage auto

    can't complain for only 3 packs though
    for sale or trade for basketball.....if interested please PM me since i'm really never in the baseball threads :)

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    wow, some nice pulls for 3 measley packs

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    Quote Originally Posted by sports collector View Post
    pcmb for the Oliveras
    iverson gu???

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    Great Break!
    Click banner for tradelist
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    Dan LeFevour PC 192/283

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