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Thread: Joe Dimaggio Cut Ft

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    Joe Dimaggio Cut Ft

    Hey Guys Have A Nice 2002 SP Legendary Cuts Joe DImaggio Cut Auto Ft. Looking For Jordan,Lebron,Ali,Tyson, and Walter Payton. Have No Problem Adding For A Higher Card. Yet Please Have Some Type Of Highend In Your Bucket. Scan Is Under Dimaggio PC In Bucket. Thanks- Have One Nice Offer On The Table, Yet Wanna Give Everyone One More Chance

    Theres The Link, All Avaible Also Except The Prime Cuts Cut

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    here we go like watching a train wreck... ok im in

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    check me please also just in an no pic up yet:

    07 Bowman Prospects "BLUE" Evan Longoria BP112 AU/500 RC

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    all are available except the Mantle! lmk what we can do!

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    can add a 01 Sweet Spot Joe Dimaggio Jrsy w/ pinstripe in with the other three and a Josh Hamilton BTL RC AU/50.

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    no man sorry, i have a deal for a walter payton auto, which id like more then sorry, but sweet mantle, used to have one just like it

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