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    Search on for three escaped Indiana prisoners

    Search on for three escaped Indiana prisoners

    Indiana authorities were searching Monday for two murderers and a rapist who apparently tunneled out of a maximum security prison in Michigan City.

    Lance Battreal, Charles Smith and Mark Booher were discovered missing from their housing unit during a routine count Sunday, prison officials said.

    “It appears they escaped by traveling in tunnels under the prison grounds,” public information officer John Schrader said at a news briefing Sunday.
    Thought we might have some members in the area.

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    That is messed up. Hipefully they can get them pretty soon

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    Not in the area, but I'm sure people will be appreciative for the heads-up! Hope they catch them soon!

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    Maximum security prison,yea right.I hope they can catch them before they do something criminal.Take care Steve

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    They got one of them in the Chicago mayor's vacation home by one of his bodyguards.

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