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Thread: My football for cc

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    My football for cc

    1994: Score-Bennie Blades and Mike Johnson.........10 cc each

    2003 Fleer Ultra Joey Harrington......10 cc

    1997 UD Jason Hanson.........10 cc

    All of this stuff:

    feel free to make any counteroffers, I dont have any reason to reject any reasonable offer. thanks

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    1989 NFL pro Set-Joe Montana......20 cc

    i will take that. how much for shipping?

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    Nothing for shipping, 20 cc the trade please. Thanks

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    i'll take this

    2006 Fleer Eli Manning.........15 cc

    please post up
    and can you throw in 2 stamps? or 1 out of stamps and my post office is really far away.

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    I'll give you the manning card and 2 stamps for 20 cc, if that works with u then post it please. Thanks

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    how many stamps could you sell for 24 cc?

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    How about this:
    Eli Manning Card
    5 U.S. 42 cents stamps
    5 U.S. 2 cents stamps
    I only have those since the rates of stamps of jumped up but a 42stamp with a 2stamp works fine so lmk if you wanna do that for 24 cc..thanks

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    Alright, trade posted and cards/stamps have been sent out! Thanks, anyone else???

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