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Thread: Looking for ALL Texas Rangers!

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    Looking for ALL Texas Rangers!

    Want Texas Rangers from the past and present... don't have much. Might buy, have a lot of base and I'm mainly looking for base cards at this moment, if you like base cards of your players let me know and I might have them. Just started my collection today =).

    I own 2 Autos, that's it...

    1x Randor Bierd ROOKIE/AUTO
    1x Ryan Jackson USA Baseball National Team AUTO
    1x Steve Hamilton UD TimeLine AUTO 2/5

    Lettermen (all serial'd):

    - Matt Lindstrom (AUTO)
    - Torri Hunter (AUTO)
    - Jay Bruce (AUTO)
    - Hunter Pence
    - Ozzie Smith
    - Glen Perkins (RC)
    - Adrian Gonzalez (AUTO)

    - UD 1992
    - Topps 1987 x2
    - Topps 1988
    - Donruss 1992 (with collectors box)
    - 1995 Michael Jordan CWS Tribute Set (Metal cards)
    - Topps 1990 (with collectors box, sealed)
    - Topps 1985 (with collectors box, sealed)
    - Topps 1990 (with collectors box, factory sealed)
    - Bowman 1989 (with collectors box)
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    Base? That's all I have right now. I'm about to crack 11 dead packs of TimeLine.

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    Are you willing to buy? If so I've got a LOT of Rangers cards for sale. Lmk thanks

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    No, I only have Freddy Sanchez from the Pirates so far. No Bay either.

    Not really willing to buy... I'm not that into this. Just need a hobby.

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    i have a lot of 08 documentary rangers to trade

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    I just want base cards. Who do you collect? I just cracked my last 11 packs, got a Bay so the Pittsburgh guy might trade with me. I kind of want Ian Kinslers.

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