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Thread: Cheap base

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    Cheap base

    Have a ton of base cards i need to get rid of so here's my deal:
    star base .10
    insert .30
    team lot: your price

    below how many cards i have you name a price. please include $3 shipping for over 30 cards. $1.50 for under 30 cards

    Cards come from all sets except bowman and most range 99-09 (some 80's and 90's cards are included). If you'd like the bowman cards added then let me know what team and I'll let you know how many more of each team i have. Have approximately 600 bowman cards looking to get rid of.

    Angels190Astros425A’s180Blue Jays180Braves200Brewers150Cardinals105Cubs0D’backs150Dodgers200Giants145Indians200Mariners225Marlins75Mets175Nationals/Expos100Orioles90Padres100Phillies100Pirates185Rangers190Rays120Red Sox200Reds150Rockies100Royals0Tigers85Twins100White Sox150Yankees140

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