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Thread: Rose for Paul--Would you?

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    Rose for Paul--Would you?

    A local sports radio station was discussing the Bulls. They were talking "what ifs". Not factoring salary caps here is a couple of trade scenarios they discussed:

    L Deng for Gerald Wallace
    J Noah for Tyson Chandler

    But, the most interesting one was D-Rose for Chris Paul.

    Before you vote......think about it. Don't jump to a quick conclusion. Take your feelings out of it. What would be better for the Bulls to win a title(s).

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  2. Kronozio
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    I'd take Chris Paul over D-Rose in a heartbeat. Why in the world would the Hornets trade Paul for Derrick Rose?

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    I wanna see one more year with derrick rose..gordon was holding him back..

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    Absolutly not, Chris Paul has the ability to lead a team with no one on it, DRose isnt close to the passer that Paul is in my opinion, Paul will be much better, however if i were a Bulls fan, i'd want this trade
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    if tyson chandler goes to the bulls for noah then id pick paul but if not derrick rose i see tons of potential in rose

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    Id 100% take CP3 over Rose. CP3 is just a beast of a passer and scorer when need be. thanx

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    I don't no what to vote for, obviously if your the Bulls, you should do that trade, but the Hornets would be crazy to trade CP3

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    I wouldn't.
    I see so much potential for Rose.

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    d-rose has potential but he wont be as good as cp3, id rather have cp3 over rose and deron

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