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Thread: Nice High End

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    Nice High End

    Hey Guys Just Looking To Trade, LMK Whatcha Like And We'll Go From There. I Like Many Things, But Just Please Have Highend In Return, Thanks

    2007 Sweet Spot Classic Frank Robinson/Mike Schmidt Gold Stitching Dual Auto 11/15

    2006 Topps Triple Threads Wade Boggs/David Wright/Morgan Ensberg Triple Auto G/U 16/18

    2005 Donruss Signature Series Cal Ripken Jr. Auto

    2007 Topps Performance Adrian Peterson RC Auto 25/99

    2006 Flair Showcase Peyton Manning Auto

    2007 UD Premier Rare Remnants Quad Joe Theisman/Steve Young/Emmit Smith/Marshall Faulk Quad G/U 3/25

    2007 National Treasures John Elway/Brett Favre/Michael Irvin Triple Patch 10/25

    2008 UD Heroes Yogi Berra/Reggie Jackson/Joe Dimaggio/Derek Jeter Quad G/U 10/50

    2007 Sweet Spot Classic Joe Dimaggio G/U W/Pinstripe

    2005 Sweet Spot classic Joe Dimaggio G/U

    2008 Razor Cuts Linda Ronstadt Cut Auto

    2008 Donruss Americana Ring Kings Urijah Faber Auto G/U 49/194

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    cmb for the ripken and the triple threads triple gu auto

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    the guy is dead.. hes not your personal clown.. im not trying to bust balls but i dont think its cool...just a thaught

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    if you were a fan of the person its not a bad thing. hes not not my "personal clown", i enjoyed his music too

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    i dont care about that pill popping child molester i was talking about billy

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    if u wanna try again for your dual sweetspot auto lmk, thanks.

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