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Thread: Do you guys save...

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    Do you guys save...

    You're Envolopes from TTM/Fan Packs? I think it's cool to look through them again, I like 20 and it's just as good as cards to me..when you see return address like red sox, or Joe Montanas buisness haha.

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    I keep all of mine. On the back I write the date sent, rec'd and from who. I wish I had done the samething for the TTM's I had from the early 90's. I threw away the SASE from OJ that I got back about 2 weeks before his wife had her "accident".
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    ouch, I woulda tried to sell that SASE from oj when he was in controversy.

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    lol me too i keep all my envelopes from fan packs and autos threw email

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