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Thread: Just Made A Case Purchase.....

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    Just Made A Case Purchase.....

    just purchased a case of 2008 score select off blowoutcards. will do a live case break saturday evening around 7pm. i was looking to spend around $500, probably could have got something that will give me better return, but with 3 autos per box, thought i would give it a shot. thoughts?

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    alot of great autos come out of there man i have seen lots of fortes and others of his claibur come out of there desean jackson alot ! could choice i want dibbs on the eagles =) and devin thomas!

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    Good for you. It's fun to do an inexpensive case. I just did one of 07' LR&S.
    Got a few cool hits. Hit of the case I think would be nameplate Full card Patch of Patrick Willis #ed /5. Got a John Beck Manu Patch /10 PC(my wife was so happy to pull this) as well and a few other cool ones :) Nothing too special but for the price it was a lot of fun. Willis sold for $70.:) Got two expired redemptions too and a damaged patch card. :( I sent them in and keeping my fingers crossed. Got a great deal on it. $590 with overnight. :)
    Good luck to you.

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    I hope you have alot of hits.
    Buying Quincy Carter GUs and Autos

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    i hope you pull NICE Stuff!!!!!!!

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    Please let me have a chance at any harvins you pull!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krafcik View Post
    Please let me have a chance at any harvins you pull!

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