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    Bowman Draft Jumbo Box Question

    ok, well i was looking at getting a box of either regular bowman draft or the jumbo packs, not what im a little confused on is in the jumbo, do you get 2 autos and 1 auto patch or 2 auto patches and 1 auto? I only ask because ive heard people say it both ways, which one is the correct guarantee. If its just 2 regular autos and 1 auto patch theres no way i could justify paying $20 extra for the jumbo box, but if its the 2 auto patches then it would be worth it. Pleas someone answer this for me as i've been unsuccessful so far in finding which is correct and that info will be what decides which box i buy.

    And yes i know i could save my money and wait for something better, but well, honestly i like the look of these cards, and also as a huge fan of college football i appreciate the fact that a company has decided to do the letterman concept in the college colors/uniforms and just because some dont like them, i know theres plenty of collectors/traders who love that they can do the names of their favorite college players in their favorite schools colors/uniforms, so please if you dont like this product please dont post the same old tired line "save your money and buy something better".

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    I grabbed a box today and got one regular auto and two patch autos.

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    Ya, what he said^ one auto and two auto patches

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    i want some of this too. i lovve the bowman draft. its been a hit for me. i even pulled a letter patch out of a blaster. one of my favorite produt of the year. want the bama patches baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!!!!

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