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Thread: 3 Portis graded rc for sell

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    3 Portis graded rc for sell

    i have these 3 portis graded rc for sell

    Clinton Portis 02 topps debut bgs 9 (9.5,9,8.5,9.5)

    Clinton Portis 02 bowmans best red patch/jersey bgs 8.5 (10,8.5,8.5,9)

    Clinton Portis 02 topps heritage bgs 8.5 (8.5,9,9,8.5)

    check out the scans make me a offer

    scan #1

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    i like the jersey one.... i dunno what to put up for it tho

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    well all i have on me right now is 10$ cash... i will be getting more soon... but i would guess that the bv of an 8.5 might be between 20-25$ do you think i am about right??? im not sure... i would probably give you 10 for it tho...

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    yeah but its an 8.5... you put that on ebay i dont think you would get much over 15$$$ if that... but i dunno well im gonna go... you can turn me down for 10$$ that is pretty cheap for a pretty decent card... maybe when i have a couple more bucks i will make a little better of an offer but whatever... i will check back tommorow morning you tell me what you want to do and if you dont get any better offers im always here... thanks hopefully we can make a trade in the future... not necessarily that ok im out, later
    thanks cory

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