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    The Cup pushed back... delayed again

    Pushed back, Blowout site says NOTE: This product is a Pre-Sell item. Approximate Release Date: Wed, Aug 19 2009

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Wow, delayed again. I just checked the site too, and like jortiz1012 said Aug. 19, 2009. But, when I checked another site it still has July 29,2009 as their release date. Can we please have someone with a behind the seen view confirm, which is the real release date. Thanks. Man, can't wait for this stuff to drop. I hope that the delay means that the majority of the tins will have nice hits in them, here's to positive

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    Well, the UD facebook page now has it as 8/06/09...
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    thats great...
    ud brings out the first 09/10 product on 8/4/09 and 2 days after that a 08/09 product again...

    just weird

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