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    Need nice base/inserts of Jeter and Posada

    I am looking for some nice cards to display with an 8 X 10. I don't need expensive ones, just ones that will look nice on display. Inserts are good, but anything of a good looking base set with a nice picture will work. Need 9 of Posada and about 5 of Jeter. If you want to list players that you like feel free, or I can list some game used to pick from. It would help if you could scan the cards, but if they are on ebay I can get an idea without it. Much appreciated!
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    have a ton i'll try to post up some pics and you can choose which 5 jeters/9posadas you'd like
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    Thanks a ton, just sent you a PM.

    If anyone else has Posadas, please post them up. I don't mind getting a few more than the 9 I originally said so I can see what combinations look best when I put them together.

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