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    I got a question on a COA for a signed baseball

    I recently won an auction on an auto ball by whitey ford and the advertisement mentions the COA and has a pic of the ball on a psa/dna authenticity letter. the pic was so small that I couldnt read it but now that I won it I downloaded the pic and blew it up, and the letter mentions a lot of 19 baseball cards and there is no mention of any ball.
    I immediately contacted the seller and asked for some verification on the COA for the ball, I hope he answers soon but the way I feel right now that is not what he was advertised and I did'nt pay for it yet either and am not planning on paying for something that was falsely advertised. I am enclosing some pics tell me what you guys think on this one gang...

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    Sounds like he gipped you...maybe not though just wait for his response

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    yah i am gonna wait for his response no doubt but i am kinda miffed that the letter was'nt correct to the item he is selling. as far as getting gipped, i did'nt pay for it yet and wont pay for this until i get satisfied on the COA.
    by falsely advertising this item he would look dumb trying to justify his side of deal in an ebay dispute imo..

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    has anybody had an experience like this before? i hope this kind of thing is not a common occurance. to be honest this is the 1st time it ever happened to me..

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    Dont pay till you are happy.
    Buying Quincy Carter GUs and Autos

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    oxxon i totally agree bro. the seller just emailed me and acknowledge that it was the wrong LOA/COA and said he will find the correct one and email a pic of it so i am waiting for that to happen before i pay for it..

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    He had to jip you. That doesn't even look like his signature.

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    the James Spence signature doesn't even look real...Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeter+Arod Fan View Post
    He had to jip you. That doesn't even look like his signature.

    I hate to say this but I agree with Jeter+ArodfAN....That particular sig does not look good to me. I own two of his sigs and am attaching them for you to reciew and make your own judgement.

    This is my auto'd jersey w/ TriStar authenticity

    An upper deck pack pulled auto 05 UD Hall of Fame

    I am no autograph expert, but the sig on that ball does not give me a good feeling personally. Adam

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