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Thread: Topps Replacement MISERY!

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    Topps Replacement MISERY!

    Here goes my awful story. I've been waiting months and months for a few cards from Topps. So a few days ago I get 2 packages in the mail from Topps. I'm a little excited because 1 of the cards they owe me is from 07'08 Topps Letterman, a Ray Allen autograph team logo patch (I think these are #/19?). Low and behold I open the first package and I see that DREADFUL little slip of paper that says "your card wasn't made here's your awful replacement we decided to mail you, muahahaha! sincerely Topps blah BLAH BLAH". So they replaced this card, DO YOU KNOW WHAT I GET? (keep in mind I was born in NYC and am a diehard knicks fan). Topps decides to replace my Ray Allen WITH A ISIAH THOMAS 08'09 TOPPS SIGNATURE AUTOGRAPH CARD #/999!

    :pauses at keyboard and takes deep breath:

    SO, package numero dos! I open it and SEE YET AGAIN that dreadful slip of paper knowing now this card is a replacement as well. So, I was supposed to receive from 08'09 Topps Chrome, a Darrell Arthur autograph RC. Now I actually like Arthur and think he has potential to be a nice power forward in the league. Safe to say there were red lines in my eyes and I was literally grinding my teeth. SO, I pull out replacement card #2 and what is it? A 08'09 Topps Signature Spud Webb autograph card #/1,899.

    What the heck Topps? I bought these 2 certain products NOT TOPPS SIGNATURE. Why would I or anyone in their RIGHT MIND want to buy a product where the autograph print runs have been injected with steroids, HUH? I bought 07'08 Topps Letterman & 08'09 Topps Chrome not ya crappy topps signature product. What should I do guys?

    P.S.: About a month or more ago I received a 08'09 Topps Signature John Havlicek autograph card #/599 or 699 FOR a 08'09 Topps Co-Signers Dual autograph of Devin Harris & Rajon Rondo. Do you guys think this was a fair replacement? My friends think it was but they say I should definitely call Topps regarding the Ray Allen replacement...Please help!!!!
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    The Havlicek was fair, but those others weren't fair at all. Topps should either do a product recall or make the cards and get them signed as originally planned. Of course, neither will happen b/c of the economy, and they figure you'll have at least 3 years of Panini to forget about this release before they make another bid for the basketball card market.

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    I know what it feels like. I hate redemptions. I had a couple expired redemptions and I had a K. Heinrich Bowman auto RC that I need for my set. Topps sent me a couple common Bowman Signature auto RCs instead, saying they did not have it but later issued it to other collectors.

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    Actually, more likely that not, that Ray Allen would have been numbered out of 75.

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    Me thinks they made more than 999 Isiah autos.

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    they sent me one of the lame spud webb autos /234543iiu4830i9458 too

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    Quote Originally Posted by underdawg View Post
    Actually, more likely that not, that Ray Allen would have been numbered out of 75.
    According to Topps' website it says they're sequentially #'ed to 19. Scroll down to the 6th title that says "PATCH CARDS" and then "TEAM LOGO PATCHES"...

    ****************Here is a HORRIBLE update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 7/17/09 - Today in the mail I got a package from Topps. This as far as I know should be my final redemption card from Topps. So after waiting months and months I was supposed to receive from 08'09 Topps Chrome, a Joey Dorsey autograph refractor RC. Low and behold the card wasn't made or what have you and I pull out the replacement. It's ANOTHER 08'09 TOPPS SIGNATURE SPUD WEBB AUTOGRAPH #/1,899. Yeah, thats right. They mailed me the SAME replacement for a different card AGAIN. I was supposed to receive the Darrell Arthur RC auto from Topps Chrome and they sent me a Webb. Now it happened again.

    Today I called that 1-800 phone number they put on those little slips of paper in the package. I called the first time and waited for about 15 minutes and some guy answered. All I got to say was "Hi, I'm calling about replacement redemption cards" and this moon-n-yawn says "ok can you please hold on sir". This further pisses me off where i take the phone away from ear for a second. Now I put it back and hear something like "please leave your message after the beep, BEEP". I'm thinking, this no good piece of you know what did this on purpose because the call pretty much ended. I call back and wait on the phone for a GOOD 30 minutes to speak to the friggin TOPPS representative and I just GIVE UP.

    PLEASE, fellow collectors. What is this BBB thing people were talking about? Is there a phone number I can call for them? Plus, what will they do? BECAUSE I'M TOO FED UP. IF THAT SORRY TOPPS REPRESENTATIVE EVER ANSWERS WHEN I CALL, I SWEAR I'M GOING TO CURSE THEM OUT. PERIOD. please help me.....

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    It's tough when it comes to UD and Topps replacements, they're not honoring their replacements as you have experienced bro. You can try kissing *** and see if they send you a box of some sort or a replacement for the replacement lol.
    Cursing them out would probably get worse results and no replacement for the i don't think i'd curse them out--even though it's very tempting!
    Just try and call again, talk to managers, idk give em a run for they money being civilized?

    I hope you can get something good out of this, I personally have two redemptions pending with topps and one with UD...


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    I don't kow if the BBB would help much, but what would help, but doubtful would happen, is a boycott of their stuff when they do enter back into the basketball game. Plain and simple, do not buy it. It is like they knew what they were doing, why would they have all these Spuds and Isiahs left in the shop? Awful lot of them going out as replacements IMO.

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