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Thread: showoff your signed jerseys

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    showoff your signed jerseys

    In my opinion one of the nicest items to dispaly are signed jerseys.I currently have 2 and have 1 incoming

    Incoming Gale Sayers

    Alex rios

    Patrick ewing

    lets see your guys signed jerseys

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    here are mine...

    Adrian Peterson

    HOF'er Michael Irvin

    DeMarcus Ware

    HOF'er Moses Malone

    Dirk Nowitzki

    Yao Ming

    Warren Moon

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    Dwight Howard

    Bradie James

    i think thats it

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    wow those are sweet the demarcus ware looks awesome Im hoping to the sayers framed like that

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    Im trying to start a jersey collection, what is the best type of pen to use for getting the numbers signed? i would think there'd be something better than a standard sharpie, but don't know what

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