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Thread: buy box?

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    buy box?

    Im probably going to buy a box of NBA hoops 96-97 hopping to pull a KObe thats worth about 300... the box is only 29 bucks is it worth it since there is a great chance of pulling kobe rc...who else were rookies then?

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    I think i made a mistake... it might have been 290... Idk... but i bought two boxes MY FIRST EVER... i bought them from CWSPORTS... very good to work with i recommend him a lot... I bought a pacific 2001 titanium... and 2002 UD World Series Heroes... when i recieve the boxes Ill let everyone know what i get... hopefully a VIck RC LOL... anyone know how much a retail one is worth... also... I GOT THE TWO GOXES FOR 50 BUX AN AWSEOME DEAL... thats 50 DLVD.... I SAW ON EBAY JUST FOR teh TITANIUM 35 plus SHIPPING... I GOT A GREAT DEAL ONCE AGAIN I RECOMMend buying things from him... thanx everyone... wehn i go back to the local cardstoer ill see how much it os... if its 29 bux maybe next time i get paid ill get it...
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    ur not gettin the card you wanted, id lay off even though you will get one or two kobe RCs
    the rest of the rookies will be iverson, ray allen, a walker, abdurraheem, jermaine oneal, camby, fisher, nash, jerome williams, walter mccarty, tonly delk, malik rose, kerry kittles, pries lauterdale, marteen muuresep,khalid reeves, travis knight, matt maloney, wright, fuller, dampier, abdur-raheem, john wallace, samali walker, george zidek, and a bunch of guys i cant remember

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    if you do pull Kobe RCs, it will be worth it in the future

    Much like getting the Cal Ripken cards way back in his early years

    Kobe's a great one

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    i would buy a couple boxs it would be worth it even if you only pull one

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    i would buy it if it is only $29 you might get lucky

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