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    Wow this is soooo messed up bro. I seriously hope you get your cards back and whoever stole them gets in some serious doo doo. thanx :)

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    Wow dude...I didn't know someone could go this low...file a police report immediately and keep us updated on their status. We'll be here for you man.
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    WIN THE CARDS AND FILE A POLICE REPORT ASAP!!! GL Bro, thats just terrible.

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    Item location says Garland, TX, but those aren't necessarily 100% accurate. I'd contact the local authorities there, UPS claims, and Beckett's investigations dept if they have one. Not sure if Ebay would be much help on the matter. Did you ship it insured? Sometimes UPS claims is funny about lost stuff after the recipient signs for delivery unless the package is opened in front of them.

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    wow. bid those cards up so you 100% win them and then you can file all the complaints you need to!
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    the seller is located pretty close to beckett, sorry to hear about this man. its amazing how far these scumbags will go to make a few bucks.

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    I just reported it to should to...go to the auction link, under the seller information, it has a place to "report this item".. report it!
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    Wait Wait Wait.....are those really YOUR cards on ebay??????? like the serial numbers are the same...?!?!?

    Report ebay, Report the seller!!! and make sure you have proof that they are yours!!! I sure hope you have some!!!

    Really, beckett is the one responsible here, like stated, the person who received the package would not have signed for it had the box been ripped and taped like that!!!!
    There is some thievery going on in beckett
    Do something about it please, that is just wrong, sue


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