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    Anyone looking for Josh Reed RC's?

    Anyone looking for Josh Reed RC's? I have:

    2002 Topps Chrome
    2002 Donruss
    2002 Fleer Premium Star Ruby 087/100

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    Ya I am....I have a William Green Fleer Hot Prospects Jersey Brown for trade....BV 25 I would take the Chrome Reed and something else for the Green...Like on other GU or something...Do you have a Nice Stallworth or Portis or Lelie card you could throw in....


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    Dude, check my site. i got pics up too. Go to the fleer premium. got all those guys

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    Ok if you hang on long enough we can work something out tonight so I can mail w/ all of my other deals ok

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    Ok I would be interested in these cards Ramsey UD Ovation RC, Topps Chrome Josh Reed, Donruss Roy Williams and McCown, Ramsey, Ricky Williams or McNabb Fleer Prem. Team jerseys...

    I could trade you a UD 2001 Rod Garner Rookie Gear Red Jersey BV30 and the William Green Hot Prospects jersey BV 25 and a UD Sweet Spot Reche Caldwell Jersey for this stuff....Let me know and email me directly at

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    Dude, i'll get back to you tomorrow. i gotta get to bed

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    I am interested in the 2002 Topps Chrome Reed, bv 15 $, would trade for a 1998 Moss Finest with the protector on it still, bv $15, even up trade.

    Also somewhat interested in your fleer Premium Reed, BV $20. Could be interested in your Ricky Williams Fleer Premium Jersey. Please take a look at my web page and see if there is anything you like there.

    I also have a 2001 Pacific PS Titanium Post Season Cris Carter jersey BV $12 that I would be willing to trade. It is not listed on my web page. I also have a 1989 Score Cris Carter for trade too.


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