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Thread: Graded card prices

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    Graded card prices

    Who knows where I can get the values on graded cards online?
    Does do that for free?

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    Nope, there is none that I know if. I just use eBay if I need to... you can see what cards are going for what and that's what's important.

    They are listed in Beckett's though so if you make a list of what you want I'm sure someone will take care of you.

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    Thanks Iggy. Anyone got a Beckett handy?

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    List them off... I only have updated hockey and baseball right now though.

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    I only need to know 1 for trade purposes.
    1991 Fleer Update PSA 9

    drum roll please....

    Ivan Rodriguez.

    Big surprise. Huh?

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    Great. I was hoping it wouldn't be too much.
    Didn't think it would.
    Thanks a lot.

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    If you need to know the prices on any other PSA cards I have an online subscription to the SMR report which lists psa cards only. I can get you prices if needed.

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    thanks. I will remember that next time I need one priced.

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