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    I need Cheap patch cards, not jersey but patch

    PLMK what you have and take a look at my www link to see if anything interests you.

    I can provide scans of card if need be.


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    I have a 2002 Pacific Atomic Lamar Smith Patch Varation #ed to 100.

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    this is a stupid question.. but whats the difference in patch and jersey?

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    a patch has various colors with possible seams on the swatch and a jersey is a one color swatch..there are limited places on an actual jersey that have 2 colors meet that is why they bring a premium over regular jersey peices...its all about supply and demand baby! lol

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    i think it is worth between $6 and $12

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    The card name is game worn jeresy but the jersey is the nfl patch and under it it says patch varation #57 of 100

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    actually i just got rid of that card sorry

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    2001 Pacific Vanguard dual Patch version Toomer(3 Sanders(2 (# 08/50)

    EXTREMLY interested but i dont have any patch cards i have a marvin harrison jersey with a stitch in it but its all white. you can check my unfinished web page and see if you like any thing

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